The European Travellers Club

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Welcome to the website of the European Travellers Club (ETC). The ETC is an initiative of several European e-Ticketing Schemes in Public Transport (Members) and the Open Ticketing Institute (OTI). We are supported by several industry partners. Together, we want to ensure that all travellers in Europe can use trusted, easy and seamless Account-Based Ticketing services across the whole of Europe, integrated with journey planning and travel information.


We have started our cross-border pilot in the Aachen-Maastricht/Heerlen area! 

As of now it is possible to travel in busses in the Aachen region (Germany) with an online account in combination with a German travel card. On this travel card the German public transport application (VDV-KA) is loaded and next to that the ETC-token is stored on the card. The ETC-token serves as an identifier for your online account. People who are interested to participate in the pilot, please visit the special website from the Aachener Verkehrsverbund (AVV). 

From 1st of December 2017 onwards it will also be possible to travel in busses on the Dutch side with your German Account and/or your Dutch Account. People who are interested to participate in the pilot, please visit the special website from Arriva.

In the future, Account-Based Travelling will be implemented by individual schemes and transport operators in different ways. The ETC will make sure that there is interoperability across borders in Europe including security and privacy regulation.

On this website you can follow the progress of the European Travellers Club. If you want to participate, as an organisation or as an individual traveller, just Join the Club. You get early access to everything we plan to publish and you can give your feedback via the contact page (in the near future we will also introduce an ETC Forum). 

Brochure (White paper)

This website provides basic information on the project on the ETC. For a more elaborate information on the European Travellers Club and its work, please have a look at the video and/or download the brochure.



This project has received funding from 

the European Union’s Horizon 2020 

research and innovation programme 

under grant agreement No. 636126.