The European Travellers Club

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The world of Big Data is both the biggest friend and foe of Account-Based Travelling. It can deliver a great customer experience to travellers, but it can also take away all trust, as we have seen in recent commotion involving not only criminal organizations, but also commercial companies, and even government agencies.


A robust solution for pan-European travelling, and a host of related services, cannot rely on only the promise of privacy. Rather, it must be embedded in the design of systems, processes and governance models. Today government agencies and commercial companies own our data and promise us to keep it safe and not to abuse it. In the future of Account-Based Ticketing, we believe, travellers must be the owners and controllers of their own data and the ways these may be stored or used without compromising the benefits of online technologies.

Our vision for next-generation privacy includes the following: 

·         Data separation and Derived Identities

·         Traveller-in-Control

·         Zero-Knowledge Data Storage

·         Travellers Clubs to Maintain Standards 


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