The European Travellers Club

* * *


In 2020 every traveller in Europe can travel with ease and trust across Europe and use all modes of travel, simply on the basis of her or his existing account with a mobility provider at home, their own travellers club. Travellers will get journey information in the language of their choice, wherever they go. They do not have to shop for the best price or worry about payment or inspection. Their club membership takes care of all that. Also, they do not have to worry about their privacy, as their identity is shielded and they alone control their own data.
The European Travellers Club will function as a framework for trust and integration between travellers, schemes and service providers. It does not replace them and it does not require the implementation of completely new systems. At the same time, it enables travellers and e-ticketing schemes to benefit from synergies between travelling and innovations in technology (web and mobile), e-payment and e-identity.