The European Travellers Club

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The governance model describes the roles of the associated public and private service providers, financial service providers and privacy service providers. The role of separated privacy service providers is new. Storage of (a subset of) personal data and relevant transaction data by a specific service provider is dependent on the agreement between the Traveller (user) and that service provider.
The driving force behind interoperability across schemes and borders, privacy and trust cannot come from suppliers, commercial or public service providers or authorities. The only group who has a strategic interest in all these aspects are the travellers themselves. Therefore, we envision a user-empowered governance model. At the same time, this model must build on existing national and regional e-ticketing schemes and establish sound technological and organizational standards. 
This leads us to the following three-tier governance model:
  1. the Individual Travellers
  2. National Travellers Clubs
  3. the European Travellers Club as franchise organization