The European Travellers Club

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About the European Travellers Club

European Travellers Club: The ETC will be set up as a not-for-profit foundation, governed by regional or national Travellers Clubs who will be a member of the ETC CouncilThe ETC Council will also function as the External Expert Advisory Board to the Horizon2020 programme

In addition to the consortium partners:

- Trans Link Systems from the Netherlands; 

- VDV-ETS from Germany; and 

- Communaute des Transports (Verkeiersverbond) from Luxembourg, 

the following parties are a member of the ETC:

- Rejsekort from Denmark; 

- NTA from Ireland; and

- Transport Scotland from Scotland.

The ETC will first focus on ‘recruiting’ those parties that are already part of the e-TSAP association. Next to that the ETC envisages to focus on other parties during the visit of the conferences and workshops. 


For more information on the ETC:

- Vision & Mission

- Organisation

- The Open Ticketing Institute